Saturday, 27 August 2011

Dublin Castle Shananagins

Enjoyable gig in the dark, damp, atmospheric back room of the Dublin Castle last night. 2 songs in, there's a man in his 70's bopping around and busting moves. Awesome. Gonna be a good one!

3 songs in, regular punters Jon and Andy cause some drama. Jon on Andy's shoulders (standard behaviour), Jon makes every effort to make them fall over, succeeds, and Andy crashes his head into the corner of a table, blood gushes, all whilst I'm singing "I'm not in Control". Difficult to play when large sections of the crowd are checking the pulse of an audience member..

Oh well, as they say:- keep calm, carry on.

Occasional efforts from audience members to strum our guitars mid-track proved futile, and the rest of the gig became a rowdy, drunken affair for audience and band members alike, but hey, a lot of fun too.

Thanks as usual to those that came to see us, top turnout, and top bands supporting.

See you all on monday for the gig at Proud. 5pm.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Bristol Open Mic

So I went to my first open mic outside London the other day, down in Bristol in a bar called Blue Lagoon. Some pretty questionable acts to say the least, capped off with this headliner...

5 minutes after he finished a massive fight broke out involving about 60% of the audience.

People. If you ain't got shit to play, stay the fuck away!